Jules wins role in BBC tv drama ‘Holby City’

After a lifetime of dreaming about being an actor, Jules has finally won his first acting role, as Dr Harry Tressler in BBC series Holby City. Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie are delighted for Jules and wish him the best of luck with this amazing opportunity. Stepping in to fill Jules’s shoes…

…would intimidate some singers, but it has captured the interest of leading performers in the pop, classical and musical worlds. Previous stars of major TV talent shows including Britain’s Got Talent and the X-Factor have been amongst those putting forward their names, along with celebrated West-End performers keen to seize the opportunity to perform on stages around the world. This year BLAKE have planned shows in The Philippines, China, Australia, Italy, South Korea and of course a major UK tour, along with the launch of their 4th studio album. The new member will be joining one of the busiest touring groups in the world, standing alongside Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie as they continue BLAKE’s amazing journey.

The group will reveal their new member during the launch of their latest album on March 11th in the UK. The boys would like to thank all their fans and supporters around the world, who continue to follow their music, concerts and appearances in their 6th year together. Blake are extremely proud of the work they have done to take British harmony music all around the world, and are excited to be turning the page into the next fantastic chapter of the groups development. If you’d like to follow them in this journey, do find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @TheBandBlake


  1. Linda Filby Borrett said:

    Tuesday, 5th February 2013, 3:14 pm (GMT)

    Brilliant as always!

  2. Derek Farrell said:

    Tuesday, 5th February 2013, 9:33 pm (GMT)

    Excellent stuff great harmony. Saw the boys perform this last October at Medina theatre after sharing the stage with them singing with The Voices Of The Isle Of Wight. I’ve always loved Bob Dylan and to see them sing one of his classics,well , that was special. Shame they at to dash for the ferry at the end.

  3. Margaret Sturt said:

    Wednesday, 6th February 2013, 2:28 pm (GMT)

    Hi, I have just been reading up on your whereabouts for 2013 only to read that Jules is leaving the group. I think it is a great opportunity for Jules but sad at the fact that he will be leaving Blake. You are a brilliant group and my partner and I have been to see you on several occasions and are never disappointed with the performances. The first time we came to see you I had not known my partner for very long and the song “With or without you” we now class as our song and it always brings a tear to my eye as I remember the first we came to see you. Good luck Jules in your new venture, you will be missed.

  4. Derek Farrell said:

    Wednesday, 6th February 2013, 6:52 pm (GMT)

    Well done Jules and all the best in your new career,at a guess i wouldn’t think its a total goodbye to singing though.


    Saturday, 9th February 2013, 10:11 am (GMT)

    Hi. I was sorry to hear that Jules has left your group. For him of course, it is great to have been given the chance of a roll in Holby. The programme is one of my ‘must see’s) and I shall be very interested to follow him in his new career.
    You have been so very successful and I am sure that that will continue whoever replaces him.
    I went to see you at Horsham last night and the show was wonderful, as usual. You really are fantastic singers and your antics on stage are very entertaining. Off stage you always make time to chat to people which also makes you special.
    Keep it up and i hope to see you on many more occasions.

  6. Zoe Buckley said:

    Sunday, 10th February 2013, 9:21 am (GMT)

    What a fabulous evening in Potters Bar last night! Come again next year please!

  7. lynne said:

    Monday, 11th February 2013, 7:09 pm (GMT)

    Great show in Potters Bar saturday night, Blown away by you guys, 3powerful voices, didnt want it to end, please come again to Potters bar,

  8. Anne said:

    Wednesday, 13th February 2013, 8:34 pm (GMT)

    So pleased for Jules, a great opportunity! I will now look forward to hearing the newest member of the Band sing with you. I have been to see you all several times and, in my opinion, you are the best foursome I have ever heard. Such beautiful voices! Good luck to you all for another marvelous season to come.

  9. marilyn gerrard said:

    Friday, 15th February 2013, 2:17 pm (GMT)

    A beautiful cover of a beautiful song. Good luck to Jules as he
    pursues his acting career. Looking forward to backing you again on your visit to the Isle of Wight in May-it’s always a pleasure and a