BLAKE talking Climate Change in Copenhagen

Today BLAKE took a day off during their 18 date tour of Denmark to join thousands of other people concerned about climate change, in the city centre of Copenhagen. The singers were quizzed by international news crews about their thoughts on the Climate Conference, what they wanted to see as an outcome and why it was important for the worlds media to be looking on so strongly.

Amongst the thousands of people there, we bumped into our new friends at the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), including Andy Ridley, the man who created the amazing Earth Hour project, getting over 800 Million people to turn off their lights for an hour in protest at climate change last year. Because of Andy, whole cities turned pitch black in support of the WFF last year. We hope we can help them drive this fantastic initiative even further.

Whilst with the WWF we were handed the WWF Peoples Orb, a beautifully crafted cast globe, which features a massive digital storage space inside, featuring the recorded data of thousands of supporters of the WWF Earth Hour campaign. It will be presented to the head of the UN this coming week. An honour for Blake to hold it before it was handed over.

Finally, before leaving the centre of Copenhagen, we took ten minutes to generate electricity to light the massive Christmas tree in the city centre. All 4 singers cycled non stop at full pelt, keeping the Christmas lights bright as a dynamo created pure, clean electricity. Much as there’s no way Blake could power the whole of Copenhagen (though Jules would give it a go!), it was a reminder that between ourselves and nature, there is a lot of natural power that remains untapped. Food for thought perhaps.

Here are few photos from our day, click thumbs for full pictures.

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  1. Lise Brade said:

    Wednesday, 16th December 2009, 7:35 am (GMT)

    Hej. Thank you for a amazing concert. But I have to know did you meet any female Panda. Lise


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