BLAKE celebrate a decade of albums & touring

One afternoon back in March 2007, a group of singers were rehearsing an acapella version of Moon River in a London music college; little did they know that just twenty four hours later they would be offered a £1Million deal by Universal Records. This is how BLAKE’s incredible journey started…

Fast forward ten years to 2017 and BLAKE have toured the world, released seven studio albums, appeared on over 180 television shows, performed for royalty, presidents, prime ministers & Hollywood stars, helped raised millions of pounds for their favourite charities and become the closest of friends through it all.

When the group started the world was still buying CD albums, lots of them, in fact their first album sold over 100,000 copies in just three weeks. When they got together in Spring 2007, the iPhone hadn’t yet been released to the world and no one even knew what music streaming was! They were the first band to form through Facebook, the first group to find members via Twitter, their most popular songs have millions of views on Youtube and their social media following is the most dedicated any band could wish for, with thousands of interactions every day.

Much has changed over the last 10 years, but what hasn’t changed is the groups simple wish to make the best harmony music they can, keeping the British classical-crossover style strong around the world. They’ve performed in dozens of countries, including the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Greece, Russia, the UAE, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the USA, Barbados, Bermuda and Trinidad & Tobago. They’ve made friends and fans across the globe, enjoying the rich cultures they’ve shared.

The future is even more exciting than the past, with a 10 year anniversary album & DVD proposed by their record lable, along with extensive tours that take them to lots of Asia and the UK respectively. The boys couldn’t have achieved all that have, without the incredible support of their fans around the world, so their 8th studio album, will be dedicated to them. Their upcoming album will be a celebration of their classical-crossover roots and the harmony music they are all fans of. Discussions are in place to ensure this will be a worldwide release, so be sure to keep in contact via their social media for big updates.

For now, here is a little recap video of the last 3 years for the Blake trio, with some amazing memories just in this short time. Look out for their collaboration with Dame Shirley Bassey (more to come!), performing for 280 million TV viewers in China, live tour performances in many parts of Asia, outdoor festival shows in the UK and major TV performances too. It’s certainly seems to be getting busier and busier for BLAKE, so let’s raise a glass to another ten years of music ahead. Congratulations boys!




  1. Rachel sergeant said:

    Tuesday, 14th February 2017, 10:28 pm (GMT)

    Omg am very happy really am now feel am part of them now and been there 4th member makes me happy seeing that article

  2. Angela Moore said:

    Wednesday, 15th February 2017, 12:55 pm (GMT)

    Have followed Blake from the release of their first album and love them and their music as much today as I did then even though they are now a trio. They have come so far and should be very proud of themselves and as a fan I hope they keep going for another 10 years.

    Personally I have been waiting for a DVD for years which has been promised but never happened so I sincerely hope one will materialise in 2017 and be made available to all fans not just those who use Pledge music to help Blake. They should be available to purchase at concerts. A DVD would be a wonderfull keepsake but there is nothing better than seeing Blake live in concert, they come alive and put 100% into their performance every time, also giving fans time to meet and chat to them which is so lovely.

    Keep on doing what you do best Stephen, Ollie and Humphrey and your fans will be right behind you “Because we Believe”. Thanks for the last 10 years and wish you all a very special year in 2017.